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If you’ve been injured in a car accident recently, you are probably concerned about repairing your car, having to deal with insurance companies and recovering from your injuries.

Victims of car accidents should also think about hiring a car accident lawyer.  A car accident lawyer is an attorney who concentrates his practice on helping victims of car crashes and who can help you recover money to pay your accident-related bills and lost wages and compensate you for pain and suffering, among other things.

When alcohol is involved or when an accident is serious enough to cause serious or even fatal injuries, the state may charge the at-fault driver with a crime.  In all cases though, you are still left to pick up the pieces; to deal with your injuries and medical bills and getting your car repaired.  Unfortunately, sometimes these issues can end up in court.

The Many Causes of Automobile Accidents

There are many causes of car accidents. Among the more common:

Talking on a cell phone or texting using any kind of mobile device, eating in the car while driving, changing radio stations, programming the GPS and the like all contribute to car accidents and make roads unsafe for everyone.

Sleepy and drowsy drivers.  Drivers who are low on sleep or who have been behind the wheel without any kind of a break are likely to eventually cause a severe accident.  Driving at night or into the early morning also contributes to injuries and deaths caused by auto accidents.  Certain medicines (over-the-counter and prescription) can cause drowsiness.  Driving right after a large meal can also contribute to drowsiness and tiredness behind the wheel.  Drivers who simply fall asleep or become hypnotized by the road when they are tired often engage in no evasive accident before an accident occurs which would lessen the severity of the impact and concomitant personal injuries.  

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Drunk drivers or drivers impaired by substances other than alcohol (legal and otherwise) contribute greatly to serious road accidents because they alter the perception of reality of the driver and also can affect reaction time.

Speeding.  Excessive speed maims and kills.  The time available to make good decisions and reactions decreases with speed as does the severity of the car accident. 

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Road rage and other forms of aggressive driving often lead to severe car accidents.  High speed chases, yelling at other drivers, making rude gestures at other drivers, ignoring traffic control signals, slamming on the brakes when someone is following too close, tailgating, failing to yield the right of way, 
unnecessarily swerving to intimidate or frighten someone else, insisting on not yielding to rude drivers when it is their right of way and changing lanes rapidly or erratically all contribute to injuries and deaths by causing car accidents.

Weather.  Snow, rain, fog, ice, sleet, and wind all cut down on visibility and/or traction and are often factors that can contribute to car accidents.

If You Are an Automobile Accident Victim

Victims in car accidents can be the car’s driver, passengers in any car, by-standers who witness a severe crash or who are injured by flying debris, and even the spouse of an injured person who has been damaged by a reduction of the love and services that can be supplied by the injured person or person killed in a car accident, also known as a ‘loss of consortium’.

People who have suffered personal injuries as a result of being injured in a car accident may be able to recover money from a number of different sources; the other driver, a policy of insurance covering the other driver or car, the owner of the car or a policy covering the car, and even the driver’s employer or an insurance policy covering the employer’s employees. 

Recoverable Damages

Damages that can be recovered include damages to your car, current (past) and future medical bills, past and future pain and suffering, loss of wages and earning capacity and any permanent injuries such as disfigurement that you may have suffered.  In some cases as in the case of a drunk driver, punitive damages may be recovered.  These damages are awarded or given to punish the other driver for his or her action and also to motivate other car drivers to not engage in that kind of knowingly dangerous conduct.

Limit Your Conversations with Adjusters if You Have been in a Car Accident

If you are contacted by anyone after a car accident before you hire an attorney, you should give them only basic information such as who your insurance carrier is.  The best course is to hire an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible and allow them to handle all your work including sending a letter of representation to all parties involved in the car accident.  A letter of representation directs all parties to communicate only with your lawyer.  Once you have hired an attorney and a letter of representation is sent to all liable parties, no one should contact you directly but rather they should be only directly in touch with your lawyer, and if someone should contact you, simply direct them to your attorney with no further comment.

If you are planning on hiring an attorney but you have not yet done so, keep your conversations exceedingly brief with the adjuster.  It is really best if you simply let them know that you are hiring an attorney and would rather they deal with them.  Be especially careful about giving out any information about your injuries shortly after the accident has occurred.  Oftentimes you will not feel all that injured until several days after the accident when swelling has occurred.

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